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Est. 1900 Welcome to Metcalfe’s Garage Ltd.

Metcalfe’s Garage Ltd has been proudly serving Treherne and area since 1900. 5 Generations ago, Thomas A Metcalfe started in downtown Treherne in the farm equipment business. We started selling new Ford Model T’s in 1911, and by 1924, we had sold 100 of them in a single year. For most customers, this was their first motorized vehicle purchase, so part of the delivery process was teaching customers how to drive! We most certainly didn’t need to include today’s technology such as Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, My Ford Touch and Parking Assist back then.

We have records back in the day of customers purchasing a car or truck in the spring, leaving us a partial deposit, maybe even some grain or livestock in trade, and then we would bank roll them until fall when their crop was harvested.

We truly were a car dealership and a finance company, all under one roof. Many customers even came in to buy a vehicle, pulling out an old sock that had a roll of cash — this sock being their “savings account”.